Marine Aquarium designed, developed and made by Aquarium chennai is a living work of art, a treasure for the eyes and imagination of its owner. Our range of Marine Aquarium is used in households, malls, hotels, pubs, etc. These Marine Aquariums are developed using good quality glass and other raw materials and stringently tested before delivering to customers. You can spend many enchanting and tranquil hours with your Saltwater Aquarium from Aquarium Chennai.

Marine aquarium
is an aquarium that keeps marine plants and color full fishes in a contained environment. Marine aquaria are further subdivided by hobbyists into fish only, with or without live rock, and reef aquaria. Marine fish species and generally rely on mechanical and chemical filtration. And reef tanks use live rock, a material composed of coral skeletons harboring beneficial nitrogen waste metabolizing bacteria, as a means of more natural biological filtration Note: In India Live Rocks and Corals are illegal.

Marine fish keeping is different from its fresh water counterpart because of the fundamental differences in the constitution of saltwater and the resulting differences in the adaptation of its inhabitants. A stable marine aquarium requires more equipment than freshwater systems, and generally requires more stringent water quality monitoring. The inhabitants of a marine aquarium are often difficult to acquire and are usually more expensive than freshwater aquarium inhabitants. However, the inhabitants of saltwater aquariums are usually much more spectacular than freshwater aquarium fish.

Maintenance is very important for the marine aquarium Air driven; counter-current Protein skimmers and reliable submersible electric heaters. Various advances in filtration allowing a more natural equilibrium in the aquarium environment.
We commonly test the water in the aquarium for a variety of chemical indicators of water quality to keep pets to long live.
These include: Specific gravity/pH / Nitrite/ Nitrate/ Phosphate/ Alkalinity/ Copper ppm/.
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