We know that frequent running of aquarium equipment will heat up the water and make it possible to house species that require a higher water temperature than the air surrounding the aquarium. An aquarium Chiller is totally different right opposite to other equipment, it chills the water and makes it possible to keep species that need a lower water temperature.

To make it possible for you to set the optimum temperature for your particular aquarium, the aquarium chiller is equipped with a thermostat control unit - just like a heater. Before u Purchase the chiller, there is more than one solution to choose among. A single-stage controller will control only the chiller, while a dual-stage controller will control a chiller and a heater.

Water chiller are more commonly used by marine aquarists than freshwater aquarists, due to several reasons. To being with, a given volume of saltwater is capable of holding far less dissolved oxygen than an equal amount of freshwater at the same temperature. When the temperature starts to increase above recommended levels in an aquarium, it is not always the heat itself that causes a problem for the fish – many fish are instead harmed by a lack of dissolved oxygen in the water. The warmer the water, the lower its capacity for holding dissolved oxygen.

Marine Aquarium Holders are recommended to hold an aquarium Chiller.
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