Aquarium Lighting plays a major role in the beauty of the aquarium. How ever you decorate your Aquarium, with out Proper lighting, Inner beauty of your aquarium won't be exposed. Lighting also engaged in health of the Fish's.

False light can spoil the health of the fish. So choosing the aquarium lighting is much important.
Aquarium Chennai gives you color full and healthy aquariums lightings.

Our Aquarium Light are high quality aluminum shell, restless and anti-corrosion, good heat diffusing ability. Especial design, 95% light reflection. Stream line appearance, extendable, "flip top" bracket. super thin design, nice attractive appearance.
There are many colors for option like Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green etc.

* High lightness LED,long life span;
* Extremely energy saving;
* Working under safety voltage;
* Shading degree is adjustable
* It can be used for water plant and daily lighting;
* Soften shaft can be adjusted by any angles and

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