Top Filter and Hang On filter is one of the first in designing this new kind of revolutionary power aquarium filter, the best feature of Aqueon Filters "previously All-Glass Aquariums brand" is the internal, submerged in water pump, which makes the aquarium filter self-priming! That's right. This unit starts automatically after cleaning or when power interruptions occur! Combining this top feature with high gph water turn over flow rates, silent and no leaks operation, ease of cartridge changes, and four stage mechanical, chemical, biological and wet/dry filtration make an Aqueon an excellent choice.

Top Filter is unique design. water-pumping, water-circulation and water filtering, compact structure, beautiful aspect, simple assembly, and easy operation.

The filter contains multilayer biochemical filter system, which combines the latest decomposing technology of physics and biology.

Top and Hang on filter is most suitable for cultivating good nitrobacteria, improving filter effect, and keeping the water crystal clear.

The pump motor is high-efficient, energy-saving with low noise. When the filter works,
you can hear the chatters like mountain spring, enjoy the beautiful view of waterfall and stream. that will give you pleasure to your life.

Top And Hang On Filter is

1. Easy to dismantle and clean,
2. High outflow pump to ensure water clean.
3. length can be adjusted to suit for different sizes of fish tanks.

Aquarium Chennai Will Provide you a Wonderful, Stylish and perfect quality of Top and Hang On Filter.

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